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The present methodological development and the primary application field originate from diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), a powerful nuclear magnetic resonance technique which enables the quantification of microscopical tissue properties. The current analysis framework of separate voxelwise regressions is reformulated as a 3d space-varying coefficient model(More)
Successful social interaction requires recognising the intention of another person's communicative gestures. At a neural level, this process may involve neural activity in different systems, such as the mentalizing system (MS) and the mirror neuron system (MNS). The aim of the present study was to explore the neural correlates of communicative gestures(More)
BACKGROUND Evaluation is an integral part of medical education. Despite a wide use of various evaluation tools, little is known about student perceptions regarding the purpose and desired consequences of evaluation. Such knowledge is important to facilitate interpretation of evaluation results. The aims of this study were to elicit student views on the(More)
plications in Genetics and Molecular Biology 4: Article 32. Juliane Schäfer und Korbinian Strimmer. 2005. An empirical Bayes approach to inferring large-scale gene association networks. Bioinformatics 21:754–764. Juliane Schäfer und Korbinian Strimmer. 2005. Learning large-scale graphical Gaussian models from genomic data. Summary The present work is(More)
The empirical origin of random noise is described, its influence on DTI variables is illustrated by a review of numerical and in vivo studies supplemented by new simulations investigating high noise levels. A stochastic model of noise propagation is presented to structure noise impact in DTI. Finally, basics of voxelwise and spatial denoising procedures are(More)
This list contains citations to literature about music in print and other media, emphasizing reference materials and works of research interest that appeared primarily in 2012. Reporters who contribute regularly provide citations mainly or only from the year preceding the year this list is published in conjuction with Fontes artis musicae. However,(More)
BACKGROUND Often preventive measures are not accessed by the people who were intended to be reached. Programs for older adults may target men and women, older adults, advanced old age groups and/or chronically ill patients with specific indications. The defined target groups rarely participate in the conception of programs or in the design of information(More)
Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) represents an established method to characterize and quantify ultrastructural brain tissue properties. DTI-derived variables are however affected by various sources of signal uncertainty. This study aimed to establish an objective quality measure for DTI based on the nonparametric bootstrap (BS) methodology. The confidence(More)
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