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The neural stem cell marker CD133 is reported to identify cells within glioblastoma (GBM) that can initiate neurosphere growth and tumor formation; however, instances of CD133(-) cells exhibiting similar properties have also been reported. Here, we show that some PTEN-deficient GBM tumors produce a series of CD133(+) and CD133(-) self-renewing(More)
The present methodological development and the primary application field originate from diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), a powerful nuclear magnetic resonance technique which enables the quantification of microscopical tissue properties. The current analysis framework of separate voxelwise regressions is reformulated as a 3d space-varying coefficient model(More)
plications in Genetics and Molecular Biology 4: Article 32. Juliane Schäfer und Korbinian Strimmer. 2005. An empirical Bayes approach to inferring large-scale gene association networks. Bioinformatics 21:754–764. Juliane Schäfer und Korbinian Strimmer. 2005. Learning large-scale graphical Gaussian models from genomic data. Summary The present work is(More)
Successful social interaction requires recognising the intention of another person's communicative gestures. At a neural level, this process may involve neural activity in different systems, such as the mentalizing system (MS) and the mirror neuron system (MNS). The aim of the present study was to explore the neural correlates of communicative gestures(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether the Arg753Gln polymorphism of the toll-like receptor 2 (TLR2) gene and the Asp299Gly polymorphism of the TLR4 gene in critically ill patients affect their clinical outcomes. METHODS Medical and surgical patients in three intensive care units (ICU) were enrolled in this prospective study. TLR2 and TLR4 gene polymorphisms were(More)
The empirical origin of random noise is described, its influence on DTI variables is illustrated by a review of numerical and in vivo studies supplemented by new simulations investigating high noise levels. A stochastic model of noise propagation is presented to structure noise impact in DTI. Finally, basics of voxelwise and spatial denoising procedures are(More)
BACKGROUND Evaluation is an integral part of medical education. Despite a wide use of various evaluation tools, little is known about student perceptions regarding the purpose and desired consequences of evaluation. Such knowledge is important to facilitate interpretation of evaluation results. The aims of this study were to elicit student views on the(More)
This paper examines the development of plant-breeding science in the context of the booming genetic research and autarky policy of the 1930s as well as during World War II in National Socialist-occupied Europe. Soviet scientists, especially Nikolai Vavilov and his VIR institute, had a leading position in the international plant-breeding science of the(More)