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The CT/MRI brain findings and sequelae of intracranial hemorrhage resulting from traumatic breech and vacuum delivery of 16 term newborn infants are presented. Eleven infants were vacuum extracted, while the remaining five infants were delivered breech. Except for three breech-delivered infants who had intraventricular hemorrhage, the location and nature of(More)
A newborn infant was referred because of low-set ears, mild downward slant of the palpebral fissures, micrognathia with high-arched palate, a flat midface, small mouth, and thin upper lip with cupid bow configuration. To some extent her cry resembled that associated with cri du chat syndrome. Cytogenetic findings with G- and Q-banding alone failed to(More)
We describe a Syrian child with typical features of severe cystic fibrosis (CF) phenotype and a positive sweat test. DNA analysis confirmed homozygosity for the delta F508 mutation on chromosome 7. This report stresses the need to draw attention to and consider CF in Arab populations. The frequency and distribution of delta F508 in the Middle East are(More)
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