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In this study, the effects of fixation procedures, embedding medium and section thickness on stereological measurements of normal thyroid were analysed. The following conclusions were drawn: A) the use of a single section for the analysis of a lobe is sufficient if this section is located in the central part of the lobe. B) fixation and embedding with(More)
Nuclear pore complexes were analyzed in freeze-fractured replicas of thyroid follicular cells of C3H mice in different physiological states. Thyroid stimulation induced a rapid and simultaneous increase of the nuclear surface and volume and of the total number of pore complexes. The numerical density (Na) of pore complexes increased at the 6th day of(More)
A case of a crown dilaceration in an upper permanent incisor of a 6-year-old child is described. Microradiographs of sagittal sections demonstrated that enamel was broken into fragments which differed on the vestibular and palatal sides. A study of the structural lines in the dentin layer and the disposition of the enamel fragments permits consideration of(More)
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