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BACKGROUND Sexual functioning and variables that influence sexual functioning have not been studied in Indian women with epilepsy. MATERIALS AND METHODS In a pilot study, female (age, 18-45 years) outpatients with epilepsy who were in a stable sexual relationship for at least 1-year were screened using the mini international neuropsychiatric interview.(More)
Infantile Alexander disease (AD) is a rare leukodystrophy characterized by its early onset within 2 years of life and clinically presents with macrocephaly, seizures, and retarded psychomotor development. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) shows characteristic symmetric white matter abnormalities with frontal predominance. We present a case of infantile AD(More)
Granuloma pyogenicum is a relatively common benign form of mucocutaneous lesion. It usually arises in response to various stimuli such as low-grade local irritation, traumatic injury, hormonal factors, or certain kinds of drugs hyperplasia of connective tissue in response to local irritants. Gingiva is the most common site affected followed by buccal(More)
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