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Delays in the transmission of sensory and motor information prevent errors from being instantaneously available to the central nervous system (CNS) and can reduce the stability of a closed-loop control strategy. On the other hand, the use of a pure feedforward control (inverse dynamics) requires a perfect knowledge of the dynamic behavior of the body and of(More)
This work describes a technique for measuring human head movements in 3D space. Rotations and translations of the head are tracked using a light helmet fastened to a multi-joint mechanical structure. This apparatus has been designed to be used in a series of psycho-physiological experiments in the field of active vision, where position and orientation of(More)
In this experiment, we test the hypothesis of whether a 'retina-like' space variant sampling pattern can improve the efficiency of a visual prosthesis. Subjects wearing a visuo-auditory substitution system were tested for their ability to point at visual targets. The test group (space-variant sampling), performed significantly better than the control group(More)
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