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  • S. Halle
  • Journal of biological rhythms
  • 1995
Surface locomotor activity of root voles (Microtus oeconomus) during summer and autumn was recorded with passage-counters in four experimental populations in 0.5 ha outdoor enclosures. Populations differed considerably with respect to density, geographical origin and social behavior of animals, and year of observation. The general characteristics of diel(More)
A spontaneously arising temperature sensitive (ts) mutant of Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV),ts 104, was isolated from chick fibroblast (CF) cell cultures of JEV strain M1/311. Straints 104 was plaque purified and characterized to ascertain its potential as a candidate for a live vaccine. Parameters of its growth, temperature lability, immunogenicity and(More)
Relatively few attempts to mutagenize animal viruses by various agents have been reported (see 2). Quantitative data on the effectiveness of the mutagens are scarce. In our laboratory, the use of different methods (nitrous acid, hydroxylamine, nitrosoguanidine) to induce significant levels of mutation in arboviruses has been only partially successful.(More)
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