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The authors recently demonstrated that genetic triplication of the SNCA locus causes Parkinson disease. Here it is shown that SNCA triplication results in a doubling in the amount of alpha-synuclein protein in blood. Examination of brain tissue showed a doubling in the level of SNCA message. However, at the protein level in brain, there was a greater effect(More)
Parkinson's disease and Huntington's disease are both model diseases. Parkinson's disease is the most common of several akinetic-rigid syndromes and Huntington's disease is only one of an ever growing number of trinucleotide repeat disorders. Molecular genetic studies and subsequent molecular biological studies have provided fascinating new insights into(More)
The authors recently have shown that triplication of the alpha-synuclein gene (SNCA) can cause Parkinson disease (PD) and diffuse Lewy body disease within the same kindred. The authors assessed 101 familial PD probands, 325 sporadic PD cases, 65 patients with dementia with Lewy bodies, and 366 neurologically normal control subjects for SNCA multiplication.(More)
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