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In this paper we describe an efficient approach for solving the economic dispatch problem using Genetic Algorithms (GAs). We recommend the use of adaptive probabilities crossover and mutation to realize the twin goals of maintaining diversity in the population and sustaining the convergence capacity of the GA. In the Adaptive Genetic Algorithm (AGA), the(More)
This electric power distribution system delivers power to the customers from a set of distribution substations. While the transmission lines are configured in a meshed network, the distribution feeders are configured radially in almost all cases. The proposed problem in this work is to determine the optimal topology among a various alternatives. This(More)
The performance of an HVDC link is significantly impacted by the relative strength of the AC system to which it is connected. However, the interaction between AC and DC systems and the associated problems are very much dependent on the strength of the AC system relative to the capacity of the DC link. This paper explores the effect of the DC control on(More)
Transmission of electrical power through high voltage direct current (HVDC) has attracted the attention of a number of researchers in the recent years. For economic design and optimal operation, HVDC system requires a detailed simulation model. Therefore, in this paper a detailed Matlab simulation model of line commutated converter (LCC) based monpolar HVDC(More)
This paper deals with modelling and simulation of STATCOM in IEEE 14 bus System with Induction Motor load for avoiding voltage collapse. Three Phases to ground fault is applied in predominant Induction motor load bus for voltage collapse analysis. The effect of Critical Fault Clearing Time [CFCT] of the system due to facing the fault, to prevent permanent(More)
Transmission lines are a vital link in HVDC transmission systems. Transients originated in the lines themselves (e.g., short circuits, lightning) or originated in the substation equipments (e.g., rectifier, inverter) propagate from one part of the HVDC system to another through the transmission lines. This paper presents a summary of the main transmission(More)
This paper describes and uses an ant colony meta-heuristic optimization method to solve the redundancy optimization problem in plastic recycling industry. This problem is known as total investment-cost minimization of series-parallel plastic recycling system. Redundant components are included to achieve a desired level of availability. System availability(More)
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