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—This paper presents a novel hierarchical and grid based reconfigurable optical-wireless network (GROW-Net) architecture. GROW-Net supports scalable and flexible integration of a large scale wireless mesh network in a municipal environment. Under the GROW-Net architecture, a joint evolution strategy is proposed to allow graceful upgrades in both optical(More)
The phosphorylation state of human and bovine spinal cord neurofllaments (NF) was studied by direct phosphate analysis and carbocyanine dye (" Stains-all ") binding to NF poly-peptides resolved on SDS-polyacrylamide gels. Electropho-retically purified NF-H (200 kDa), NF-M (160 kDa), and NF-L (66 kDa) of human origin contained 24, 18, and 4 mol(More)
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