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Reciprocal tutoring, where peers take turns to tutor each other, is an interesting style of social learning. In the Reciprocal Tutoring System (RTS), three computational cognitive tools were designed to facilitate reciprocal tutoring of Lisp programming on the network. The first is a Petal-style of code–chunk interface, with which a tutee can enter Lisp(More)
Each of 21 dogs was bled until mean arterial blood pressure fell to 50 torr; this hemorrhagic shock state was then maintained for two hours. During hemorrhagic shock, the blood lactate concentration increased sixfold. The severe metabolic acidosis in arterial blood was partially compensated by a decreased PCO2 caused by increased ventilation. However, in(More)
BACKGROUND This study aimed to evaluate parental perception of neighbourhood environments and safety in association with children's physical activity among primary school children in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. METHODS A total of 250 children (9-12 years of age) and their parents participated in this cross-sectional study. Physical Activity Questionnaire(More)
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