S. H. Srinivas

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The use of audio to retrieve and index the associated video is a relatively new approach. In this paper the focus is on MPEG video. For indexing and retrieval one needs to segment the audio stream associated with the video in terms of gender, speech, music and the speaker. This is called " Audio scene " analysis. The paper discusses techniques for such(More)
The effect of term weighting on selecting intrinsic dimensionality of data is discussed. Experiments are conducted, using different term weighting and dimensionality selection methods, on four testing document collections (namely Medline, Cranfield, CACM and CISI). The results point that transforming the data matrix using a term weighting scheme plays a(More)
In view of the invasive web traffic, this paper propose a distributed traffic management framework, in which routers area unit deployed with intelligent rate controllers to tackle the traffic mass. in contrast to different express control protocols that ought to estimate network parameters (e.g., link latency, bottleneck information measure, packet loss(More)
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