S. H. Rasouli

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This study concerns the existence of positive solutions to classes of boundary value problems of the form where ∆ denote the Laplacian operator, Ω is a smooth bounded domain in R N (N ≥ 2) with ∂Ω of class C 2 , and connected, and g(x, 0) < 0 for some x ∈ Ω (semipositone problems). By using the method of sub-super solutions we prove the existence of(More)
In this paper, a new flip-flop called Double-edge triggered Feedback Flip-Flop (DFFF) is proposed. The dynamic power consumption of DFFF is reduced by avoiding unnecessary internal node transition. The subthreshold current in the flip-flops is very low compared to other structures. Reducing the number of transistor in the stack and increasing the number of(More)
This paper enumerates high speed design of RS & D-flip-flop using AlGaAs/GaAs MODFET. The proposed Flip Flop is having less number of transistors than existing designs. Simulation results show lowest average power and least delay than existing designs. This Flip-Flop having less number of transistors. It can be efficiently used in VLSI ICs. In the(More)
In this note we are mainly concerned with existence result for semi-linear semipositone elliptic equation of the form ⎧ ⎨ ⎩ −Δu = λa(x)v α − c, x ∈ Ω, −Δv = λb(x)u β − c, x ∈ Ω, u = v = 0, x∈ ∂Ω, where Δ denote the Laplacian operator, Ω is a bounded domain in R N (N > 1) with ∂Ω of class C 2 , λ, c are positive parameters, α, β > 0 and the weight a(x), b(x)(More)
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