S. H. Quah

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There are no definite reports regarding the effects of chronic fluoxetine on animal models of epilepsy. Since chronically administered fluoxetine, in comparison to acutely administered fluoxetine has different effects on CNS, the present study was undertaken to investigate the effect of acute and chronic fluoxetine pretreatment, on a median anticonvulsant(More)
Blood pressure, heart rate, and changes in facial and finger blood flow were monitored in 24 male Chinese and 24 male Caucasians while they described anger-provoking incidents and read out neutral material, either loudly and rapidly or softly and slowly. Describing the incidents loudly and rapidly heightened anger ratings and enhanced digital(More)
A group of 112 Chinese Singaporean undergraduates and 109 of their parents completed a questionnaire on disease perceptions, help-seeking behaviour, Chinese cultural values and personal background. Analysis of these data using structural equation modelling indicated that individuals high in Chinese cultural orientation were more likely to describe diseases(More)
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