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The seemingly unlimited availability of science and engineering (S&E) talent in emerging economies and the increasing difficulties of finding such talent in advanced economies have given rise to a new trend: the global sourcing of S&E talent. This paper examines the antecedents and dynamics of this trend. In particular, it examines the coevolution of(More)
Offshore outsourcing of administrative and technical tasks and processes ranges from highly commoditized to high added value knowledge intensive projects. Surprisingly empirical findings show that clients rarely switch providers because of dissatisfaction with performance. The dissolution of outsourcing contracts is a rare event and vendor relationships(More)
Relationship Management; Panel 6: The theoretical foundation of relationship management: Must we redefine the marketing concept in order to understand the value of relationships? ABSTRACT This paper proposes that managing customer relationships in project-based industries, such as the television industry, should be looked at in terms of managing project(More)
This paper describes a planning model which forecasts annual domestic market demand by end use for a Westinghouse division manufacturing two lines of durable goods. This model takes an unusual approach in solving the problems that arise in analyzing any mature market: it combines traditional econometric techniques with a structured theory of the market. The(More)
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