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This study aimed to measure rates of hand sanitiser use in a hospital entrance foyer four months after a baseline study during New Zealand s influenza pandemic. Of the 743 people observed over one (summer) day in December 2009, 8.2% used the hand sanitiser, which was significantly lower (p<0.0001) than the 18.0% reported in the August (winter) study. Health(More)
BACKGROUND This study aims to define the clinical and oncological outcome of 'en-bloc' excision of the seminal vesicles for locally advanced and recurrent tumours of the sigmoid and rectum. METHODS Eight patients were identified from a prospective colorectal cancer database at a tertiary centre as having undergone excision of the seminal vesicles in(More)
A broad range of disorders can manifest themselves as pulmonary-renal syndromes; the etiology and pathophysiology of most of these remain unknown. Although the occurrence of classic hypersensitivity pneumonitis with glomerulonephritis is rare, there is the possibility of at least some commonality of pathologic mechanisms. We present a case of mesangiopathic(More)
This paper describes a planning model which forecasts annual domestic market demand by end use for a Westinghouse division manufacturing two lines of durable goods. This model takes an unusual approach in solving the problems that arise in analyzing any mature market: it combines traditional econometric techniques with a structured theory of the market. The(More)
An incentive program that paid hospital pharmacists at United Hospitals Incorporated (UHI) and Children's Hospital Incorporated (CHI) a percentage of the money saved by the pharmacy on drug and i.v. expenses in 1984 is described. Hospital administration, as part of a hospitalwide incentive program, approved the pharmacy department's proposal for a monetary(More)
AIMS To describe the public use of respiratory hygiene behaviours during the 2009 influenza pandemic and to test the feasibility of an observational method. METHODS Respiratory behaviour was systematically observed at three public settings during August 2009 in the capital city of New Zealand (Wellington). Data on each coughing or sneezing event were(More)
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