S. H. Kulkarni

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[1] We used SCIAMACHY (10:00 LT) and OMI (13:30 LT) tropospheric NO 2 columns to study diurnal and seasonal patterns in NO 2 concentrations over India. Using characteristics of seasonal variability in tropospheric NO 2 columns, we present a simple methodology to identify the dominant NOx source category for specific regions in India. Regions where the(More)
We prove by elementary methods the following generalization of a theorem due to Glea-son, Kahane, and ˙ Zelazko. Let A be a real algebra with unit 1 such that the spectrum of every element in A is bounded and let φ : A → C be a linear map such that φ(1) = 1 and (φ(a)) 2 + (φ(b)) 2 = 0 for all a, b in A satisfying ab = ba and a 2 + b 2 is invertible. Then(More)
We give an overview of Hahn-Banach theorems. We present the statements of these theorems alongwith some definitions that are required to understand these statements and make some comments about the relevance, applications etc. Proofs are not given.
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