S. H. Jung

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Systems biology is a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of the interactions of various cellular mechanisms and cellular components. Owing to the development of new technologies that simultaneously measure the expression of genetic information, systems biological studies involving gene interactions are increasingly prominent. In this regard,(More)
TreeGenes and tree fruit Genome Database Resources serve the international forestry and fruit tree genomics research communities, respectively. These databases hold similar sequence data and provide resources for the submission and recovery of this information in order to enable comparative genomics research. Large-scale genotype and phenotype projects have(More)
With industrial development, industrial products have become more refined and complex, resulting in increased necessity for manufacturers to come up with a robust method of measurement to check whether or not the products have been produced correctly to meet customers' needs. As a result, significant attention has been drawn to industrial photogrammetry to(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate equations of Leger (E1, 1988) and Brewer (E2, 1988) to predict VO (2max) in Korean adults (158 men and 155 women), and reliability tests were randomly conducted among men ( N=90) and women (n=29) in addition to VO (2max) measurements during a graded exercise treadmill test. Both equations significantly(More)
We present a web-based genome sequence annotation tool called GenSAS, the Genome Sequence Annotation Server. Advances in DNA sequencing technology and Web technologies have significantly reduced the costs associated with sequencing an organism's genome, including the operating costs of hardware and software. However, researchers need to use multiple(More)
Advances in DNA sequencing technology have significantly reduced the costs associated with sequencing an organism's genome. However, the operating costs of hardware, software, and labor to analyze the sequence data are still too high for most users to process in house. Henceforth, most of the current bioinformatics applications used by bench scientists will(More)
Industrial Photogrammetry which has advantages of high accuracy and fast measurement time is widely used in the manufacture measurement application. Especially, industrial photogrammetry has more powerful capability of quickness in the 3 dimensional coordinate measurement then comparing with optical measurement system like total station, laser tracker and(More)
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