S H Henley

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This paper is concerned with how Type A and B subjects perceive themselves. Subjects first completed a unidimensional A type measure, then rated themselves and their ideal selves on various personality traits. As expected, Type A was associated with negative self-ratings and high actual-ideal self-discrepancy scores. However, it is argued that(More)
This paper reports on two studies of how Type A and B subjects perceive themselves. Both studies investigated differences in self-ratings of personality by Type As and Bs, and differences in the recall of positive and negative personality information. As predicted, a modest significant positive correlation was found in both studies between Type A scores and(More)
The Caine-Marteau-Dympna (CMD) Test, a new thematic apperception projective test, has acceptable inter-rater reliability. Validity was demonstrated by its ability to differentiate psychiatric in-patients from out-patients and non-patients, and by the relationships found between ratings derived from the test protocols and various questionnaires. These latter(More)
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