S. H. Erster

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p73 has significant homology to p53. However, tumor-associated up-regulation of p73 and genetic data from human tumors and p73-deficient mice exclude a classical Knudson-type tumor suppressor role. We report that the human TP73 gene generates an NH(2) terminally truncated isoform. DeltaNp73 derives from an alternative promoter in intron 3 and lacks the(More)
A new method for the characterization of pre-mRNA splicing products is presented. In this method RNA molecules are hybridized to an oligodeoxynucleotide complementary to exon sequences upstream of a given 5' splice site, and the RNA strands of the resulting RNA:DNA hybrids are cleaved by RNase H. The cleaved RNAs are then subjected to primer extension using(More)
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