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This paper first introduces an asymmetric tree structure for utilization with an error resilient form 3-D SPIHT, called ERC-SPIHT. Then, we present a fast error concealment scheme, borrowed from Rane et al.'s work with images, for embedded video bitstream using ERC-SPIHT. In addition to using simple averaging method in the root subband, we detect the(More)
Compressed video bitstreams require protection from channel errors in a wireless channel and protection from packet loss in a wired ATM channel. The three-dimensional (3-D) SPIHT coder has proved its efficiency and its real-time capability in compression of video. A forward-error-correcting(FEC) channel (RCPC) code 1 combined with a single ARQ(More)
This paper presents an unequal error protection of embedded video bitstreams using three dimensional SPIHT (3-D SPIHT) algorithm and Spatio-Temporal Tree Preserving 3-D SPIHT (STTP-SPIHT) algorithm. We have already proved the efficiency and robustness of the STTP-SPIHT in both of noisy and noiseless channels by modifying the 3-D SPIHT algorithm. We(More)
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