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BACKGROUND Spindle cell tumors of the larynx are rare. In some cases, the dignity is difficult to determine. We report two cases of laryngeal spindle cell tumors. CASE PRESENTATION Case 1 is a spindle cell carcinoma (SPC) in a 55 year-old male patient and case 2 an inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor (IMT) in a 34 year-old female patient. A comprehensive(More)
The Nurses' Observation Scale for Geriatric Patients (NOSGER) is a rating scale for use in geriatric patients that can be applied by nurses or other caregivers. It deals with the daily behavior of elderly patients and measures impairment in six areas (dimensions): memory; instrumental activities of daily living (IADL); (basic) activities of daily living(More)
INTRODUCTION Activated Leukocyte Cell Adhesion Molecule (ALCAM/CD166) gained increasing attention regarding tumorprogression and metastatic spread in breast cancer. The aim of this study was to examine ALCAM expression levels in primary breast cancer and distant metastases of the same patient within 29 autopsy cases to better understand the underlying(More)
We analyzed morphological and immunohistochemical features in 174 aggressive B-cell lymphomas of nodal and extranodal origin. Morphological features included presence or absence of a follicular component and cytologic criteria according to the Kiel classification, whereas immunohistochemical studies included expression of CD10, BCL-2, BCL-6, IRF4/MUM1,(More)
Mantle cell lymphomas (MCL), characterized by the t(11;14)(q13;q32), frequently carry secondary genetic alterations such as deletions in chromosome 17p involving the TP53 locus. Given that the association between TP53-deletions and concurrent mutations of the remaining allele is weak and based on our recent report that the Hypermethylated in Cancer 1 (HIC1)(More)
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