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The three-dimensional reference interaction site model with the closure relation by Kovalenko and Hirata (3D-RISM-KH) in combination with the density functional theory (DFT) method has been implemented in the Amsterdam density functional (ADF) software package. The analytical first derivatives of the free energy with respect to displacements of the solute(More)
Cryomassage and its combination with low-intensity infra-red laser radiation have been introduced as a novel treatment of facial nerve neuropathy (FNN) in 32 patients. Electrophysiological investigations (facial thermography, classical electrodiagnosis, electromyography of the mimic muscles) and clinical data including those of long-term follow-up show that(More)
A definite effect is shown of massage conducted in different areas of the body on hemodynamics in 119 patients who have suffered an acute episode of reversible brain ischemia. The techniques of the massage for such patients are detailed.
The article reports the results of clinical and physiological studies of 93 patients presenting with post-infarction cardiosclerosis and sings of cerebrovascular disease. The experience with the application of the combined rehabilitative treatment including therapeutic physical exercises is based on the results of the observation of two groups of the(More)