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Body area networks (BAN) can play a major role in monitoring the health of soldiers in a battlefield. Securing BANs is essential to ensure safety of the soldiers. This paper presents a novel key agreement protocol called Photoplethysmogram PPGbased based key agreement (PKA) which allows sensors in a BAN to agree to a common key using PPG values obtained(More)
Different physics-based negative bias temperature instability (NBTI) models as proposed in the literature are reviewed, and the predictive capability of these models is benchmarked against experimental data. Models that focus exclusively on hole trapping in gate-insulator-process-related preexisting traps are found to be inconsistent with direct(More)
We describe the QUaD experiment, a millimeter-wavelength polarimeter designed to observe the cosmic microwave background (CMB) from a site at the South Pole. The experiment comprises a 2.64 m Cassegrain telescope equipped with a cryogenically cooled receiver containing an array of 62 polarization-sensitive bolometers. The focal plane contains pixels at two(More)
Unattended ground sensors (UGS) are widely used to monitor human activities, such as pedestrian motion and detection of intruders in a secure region. Efficacy of UGS systems is often limited by high false alarm rates, possibly due to inadequacies of the underlying algorithms and limitations of onboard computation. In this regard, this paper presents a(More)
A compressive receiver (CR) is presented utilizing a composite right/left-handed (CRLH) dispersive delay line (DDL) for analog signal processing applications. The CRLH DDL offers advantages such as arbitrary frequency of operation and wide bandwidth, filling a gap with competing DDL technologies. The presented CR system utilizes an impulse-driven CRLH DDL(More)
MRI was performed on 26 patients with tuberculous meningitis, with particular reference to document the cranial nerve abnormalitics. MR angiography (MRA) was performed in 20 of the patients. Meningeal enhancement in the basal cisterns or over the convexity of brain was seen in all patients; two show ependymal enhancement. Tuberculomas, single (3), multiple(More)
This paper deals with the design of static compensator (STATCOM)-based voltage regulator for self-excited induction generators (SEIGs). SEIG has poor voltage regulation and it requires adjustable reactive power source with varying load to maintain constant terminal voltage. The required reactive power can be provided by a STATCOM consisting of ac inductors,(More)
From January 1995 to March 1998, congenital pouch colon (CPC) with anorectal agenesis was diagnosed in ten girls who were classified into four groups based on the length of normal colon proximal to the colonic pouch. Of six girls with little or no normal colon, one had a cloacal anomaly while five had a colovesical or colovestibular fistula along with a(More)
A novel analog real-time spectrum analyzer (RTSA) for the analysis of complex nonstationary signals (such as radar, security and instrumentation, and electromagnetic interference/compatibility signals) is presented, demonstrated, and characterized. This RTSA exploits the space-frequency mapping (spectral-spatial decomposition) property of the composite(More)
Methane (CH4) emission fluxes from rice fields as affected by water regime, organic amendment, and rice cultivar were measured at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, using manual and automatic sampling techniques of the closed chamber method. Measurements were conducted during four consecutive cropping seasons (July to October) from 1994(More)