S. Guerini

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In this work we use the ab initio calculations to study the intercalation of lithium (Li) atoms in the channels of the single-wall boron nitride nanotube (BNNT) bundles. The relaxed structure as well as the electronic band structure were obtained. Results reveals that Li insertion modifies the band structure by shifting the Fermi energy to conduction band.(More)
RbNd(WO(4))(2) was investigated by high pressure Raman spectroscopy in the 0.1-12.3 GPa pressure interval. The assignment of modes was made based on lattice dynamics calculations and the results of these calculations helped us to also discuss the high pressure behavior of phonon spectra in this material. Our results show that a double oxygen bridge plays a(More)
We performed a systematic investigation of the small BxNy (x+y ≤ 6) clusters using the ab initio Hartree-Fock scheme plus second-order perturbation theory. The nature of the potential energy surface extrema are analyzed through analytical total energy second derivatives. Ionization potentials, binding energies and the stability against some possible(More)
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