S. Grant

S. Salomon1
S. Hazum1
M. Asbe1
A. Meshulam1
Y. Roth1
1S. Salomon
1S. Hazum
1M. Asbe
1A. Meshulam
1Y. Roth
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We surveyed physicians and veterinarians in Wisconsin about the risk for and prevention of zoonotic diseases in immunocompromised persons. We found that physicians and veterinarians hold significantly different views about the risks posed by certain infectious agents and species of animals and communicate very little about zoonotic issues; moreover,(More)
John Tukey used the term exploratory data analysis (EDA) to describe a philosophy for analyzing data where graphical and numerical summaries are used to uncover interesting structures. The applied statistician today has a much more sophisticated set of methods to use when applying the EDA philosophy. One such collection of methods is functional data(More)
In order to determine the influence of perceptual input upon oculomotor responses, we examined rapid saccadic eye movements made by healthy human observers to a virtual target defined by the extrapolated intersection of a pointer with a distant landing line. While corresponding perceptual judgments showed no evidence of systematic bias, eye movements showed(More)
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