S. Graciela Mahler

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In this study, we report a strategy using dynamic combinatorial chemistry for targeting the thioredoxin (Trx)-reductase catalytic site on Trx glutathione reductase (TGR), a pyridine nucleotide thiol-disulfide oxido-reductase. We chose Echinococcus granulosus TGR since it is a bottleneck enzyme of platyhelminth parasites and a validated pharmacological(More)
A series of 18 novel 2-hydrazolyl-4-thiazolidinones-5-carboxylic acids, amides and 5,6-α,β-unsaturated esters were synthesized, and their in vitro activity on cruzipain and T. cruzi epimastigotes was determined. Some agents show activity at 37 μm concentration in the enzyme assay. Computational tools and docking were used to correlate the biological(More)
β-Lactamase inhibitors (BLIs) restore the efficacy of otherwise obsolete β-lactams. However, commercially available BLIs are not effective against metallo-β-lactamases (MBLs), which continue to be disseminated globally. One group of the most clinically important MBLs is the VIM family. The discovery of VIM-24, a natural variant of VIM-2, possessing an R228L(More)
Herein, we describe an approach toward selenazole preparation based on the cycloisomerization of propargyl selenoamides. The selenoamides were synthesized in situ using the Ishihara reagent with spontaneous cyclization to form the 2,5-disubstituted selenazoles. Heterocylcles 9a-j were prepared using readily available starting materials, and yields ranged(More)
A tandem method for the synthesis of 2-hydrazolyl-4-thiazolidinones (5) from commercially available materials in a 3 component reaction has been developed. The reaction connects aldehydes, thiosemicarbazides and maleic anhydride, effectively assisted by microwave irradiation. The synthesis of a new type of compound,(More)
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