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Recently, a considerable amount of attention is being given to the use of wavelets for modulation and equalization. In this correspondence, we present an equalization algorithm for a wavelet packet-based modulation scheme. A nonideal channel can be divided into a set of bands, where each band can be approximated as a simple attenuation and delay channel.(More)
IMPORTANCE Early intervention for neglect or emotional abuse in preschoolers may mitigate lifelong consequences, yet practitioners lack confidence in recognizing these children. OBJECTIVE To define the emotional, behavioral, and developmental features of neglect or emotional abuse in preschoolers. EVIDENCE REVIEW A literature search of 18 databases, 6(More)
rate. In the USA, the introduction of federal car exhaust emission standards in 1968 did lead to a reduction in deaths from exhaust poisoning (Clarke & Lester, 1987). EC legislation regarding exhaust emissions has now been introduced into the UK, and the use of catalytic converters (which reduce exhaust carbon monoxide content by 80-90%) is becoming more(More)
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