S. González Pérez

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The role of syllabic structure and stress assignment in the perceptual segmentation of Catalan and Spanish words is studied. Previous research suggested that the syllable is the segmentation unit for languages with clear syllabic structure. In Experiment I, we found that syllabification effects are found in Catalan but only in unstressed first syllable(More)
Robotic devices can modulate success rates and required effort levels during motor training, but it is unclear how this affects performance gains and motivation. Here we present results from training unimpaired humans in a virtual golf-putting task, and training spinal cord injured (SCI) rats in a grip strength task using robotically modulated success rates(More)
Rodent models of spinal cord injury are critical for the development of treatments for upper limb motor impairment in humans, but there are few methods for measuring forelimb strength of rodents, an important outcome measure. We developed a novel robotic device--the Robotic Rehabilitator of the Rodent Upper Extremity (RUE)--that requires rats to voluntarily(More)
The Goertzel algorithm is proposed as a method to obtain the first harmonic coefficient of time activity curves from equilibrium gated cardiac studies. The coefficients are used to produce functional images. The algorithm achieves an important reduction in the number of operations and memory accesses needed to compute the coefficients.
The closed loop control of blood glucose levels might help to reduce many short- and long-term complications of type 1 diabetes. Continuous glucose monitoring and insulin pump systems have facilitated the development of the artificial pancreas. In this paper, artificial neural networks are used for both the identification of patient dynamics and the(More)
In this paper, we make an application of the harmonic balance (HB) analysis technique for studying oscillations in neural-network-based control systems where the closed-loop system can be transformed into a linear and a feedback nonlinear part (“Luré regulator problem”). The main goal of the present paper is to establish a test for the stability of limit(More)