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Situated in the concurrent engineering field, this paper presents an integrated Computer Aided chain for Human-centered design. By using specific methods and software tools, integrating digital mannequin simulation into a Computer Supported Collaborative Workshop in design, we show that it is possible to develop the project, the product, the process and the(More)
— User modeling and user adaptive interaction has become a central research issue to understand users as they interact with technology. The importance of the development of well adapted interfaces to several kinds of users and the differences that characterize them is the basis of the successful interaction. User Personas is a technique that allows the(More)
OBJECTIVE to analyze the contribution of Portuguese nursing to improving universal health access and coverage by means of the identification of nurses in the health system; evolution of health indicators; and access-promoting systems, in which nurses play a relevant role. METHOD this was documentary research of publications from national and international(More)
A 59-year-old patient with a family history of coronary artery disease and no other risk factors arrived at the emergency department with typical angina chest pain lasting for 60 minutes. The admission electrocardiogram showed 1 mm upsloping ST-segment depression at the J point in leads V3–V6 without peaked T waves (Fig. 1a). The patient underwent primary(More)
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