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Situated in the concurrent engineering field, this paper presents an integrated Computer Aided chain for Human-centered design. By using specific methods and software tools, integrating digital mannequin simulation into a Computer Supported Collaborative Workshop in design, we show that it is possible to develop the project, the product, the process and the(More)
Current manufacturing scheduling has still difficulties to deal with real-world situations and, hence, human intervention is required to maintain real-time adaptation and optimization, to efficiently adapt to the inherent complex system dynamics. In this paper the prototype of an Adaptive Decision Support System for Interactive Scheduling with MetaCognition(More)
User modeling and user adaptive interaction has become a central research issue to understand users as they interact with technology. The importance of the development of well adapted interfaces to several kinds of users and the differences that characterize them is the basis of the successful interaction. User Personas is a technique that allows the(More)
User modeling and user adaptive interaction research areas are becoming crucial applied issues to understand and support users as they interact with technology. Modeling the decisions to be made and the constraints placed by market globalization in a way that can address the needs of all stakeholders has been a long time area of academic and industrial(More)
Contemporary manufacturing scheduling has still limitations in real-world environments where disturbances on working conditions could occur over time. Therefore, human intervention is required to maintain real-time adaptation and optimization and efficiently adapt to the inherent dynamic of markets. This paper addresses the problem of incorporating rush(More)
 This paper presents an architecture for support basic statistics learning on the Web. Because of its features it can also be used to assist traditional learning methods and it can be applied to other similar courses. From that architecture it was implemented a tool for statistics teaching. In a first moment the tool seems to be similar to an ordinary(More)
support learning of probability in the system Calculadora Estatística. Its goal is to help students and monitor their knowledge related to the content of the Calculus of Probabilities course. Additionally, it must evaluate restrictions and requirements to avoid the execution of invalid operations and steps. Students have as benefits the acquisition of(More)
⎯ Do climatic Changes come accompanied of ecological alterations what influence the human populations? In the last years this theme has been published and discussed by the media and by specialists of several areas. Especially studies on the phenomenon El Niño/La Niña show their influence all over the world in the climatic variability and especially in(More)
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