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— The main aim of this paper is to integrate the different object oriented metric tools and make them available as a single add-on. The first part of this paper analyzed five different tools and they are migrated into one to make use of those tools in efficient manner. 1 I NTRODUCTION HE emerging Object oriented programming is most widely used by the(More)
Discovering hidden patterns in medical data and relationship between them is often fallow. Classification technique in data mining is used to discover the hidden knowledge from enormous data. This work is done on predicting the risk of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)/ Lupus using data mining classification technique. Decision tree algorithm is used for(More)
Isolated ventricular non-compaction is a rare type of cardiomyopathy resulting from arrested myocardial development during embryogenesis. This rare entity can be easily diagnosed by characteristic appearance of prominent myocardial trabeculations and deep inter-trabecular spaces. The clinical manifestations include heart failure signs, ventricular(More)
The two major problems in grid computing applications are, resource management and job scheduling. These problems do occur due to distributed and heterogeneous nature of the resources. This paper introduces a model in job scheduling in grid computing environments. A dynamic scheduling algorithm is proposed to maximize the resource utilization and minimize(More)
The present symmetric encryption algorithms result from a Tradeoff between implementation cost and resulting performances. SEA is a scalable encryption algorithm targeted for small embedded applications. It was initially designed for software implementations in controllers, smart cards, or processors. In this Paper we proposed a system that investigates its(More)
Lupus is autoimmune heterogeneous disease and also a multi system disorder which predominantly affects women. There is no specific diagnostic test to predict Lupus and the diagnosis remains a clinical one, depends on a combination of clinical and laboratory features. Data mining is the use of sophisticated data analysis tools to discover previously unknown,(More)
Nowadays we are using the pin number for security in ATMs, which replaced signature based system. The pin based security is the simplest level of security. The pin number is a unique number which is encrypted and decrypted during transaction. Nowadays the pin number can be extracted through many ways, for fraudulent activity. So, as a solution the pin(More)
The Local or remote grid computing resources have been normally assigned the task of executing user jobs in a distributed environment. Enumerable number of problems is likely to arise in execution process because of the existence of complicated heterogeneous virtuality in terms of processing nodes and network system. Another important factor affecting Grid(More)
Human detection is the first step for a number of applications such as smart video surveillance, driving assistance systems and intelligent digital content management. Object detection is one of the most important preprocessing steps in object recognition and identification systems. It's a challenging problem due to the variance of illumination, color,(More)
Least mean square (LMS) algorithms are an important class of adaptive filters which are used in various real world applications because of its simplicity and efficient convergence performance. However the LMS filters have limitations in the designing like inner product computation which do not support pipelining type of applications. The adjustment of the(More)