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— The capacity of an optical CDMA (OCDMA) network has traditionally been defined as the number of continuously transmitting circuits supported by the network. In this paper, we use teletraffic models to determine the teletraffic capacity of a circuit-switched OCDMA network where circuits carry bursty traffic. Our analysis is independent of the OCDMA(More)
We show how an eavesdropper with a small amount of knowledge about the traffic sent via a spectral-phase optical CDMA system with phase-scrambling can break the confidentially of certain systems within a few bit intervals. Optical CDMA (OCDMA) [1] is a particularly attractive alternative to traditional digital encryption because it has the potential to(More)
Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease is an X-linked hypomyelinating leukodystrophy caused by mutations or rearrangements in PLP1. It presents in infancy with nystagmus, jerky head movements, hypotonia and developmental delay evolving into spastic tetraplegia with optic atrophy and variable movement disorders. A clinically similar phenotype caused by recessive(More)
PURPOSE Choroidal detachment is a known complication of topical hypotensive agents when used to treat eyes sensitized by prior surgery. We document the abrupt development of an extensive choroidal detachment after initiation of dorzolamide therapy in a surgically untreated eye with primary open-angle glaucoma. DESIGN Observational case report. METHODS A(More)
MOTIVATION The approaches usually used for building large genetic maps consist of dividing the marker set into linkage groups and provide local orders that can be tested by multi-point linkage analysis. To deal with the limitations of these approaches, a strategy taking the marker set into account globally is defined. RESULTS The paper presents a new(More)
Coronary artery disease (CAD) is a major cause of majority in the western world. Although progress has been made in recent years for the noninvasive diagnosis of CAD, a widely available, inexpensive and effective diagnostic solution remains elusive. We have developed a novel ultrasound-based technology to detect and analyze the myocardial vibrations(More)
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