S. Gobert

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A complete understanding of the mechanistic basis of marine ecosystem functioning is only possible through integrative and interdisciplinary research. This enables the prediction of change and possibly the mitigation of the consequences of anthropogenic impacts. One major aim of the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Action ES0609(More)
Predatory flatworms belonging to the taxon Kalyptorhynchia are characterized by an anterior muscular proboscis that they use to seize prey. In many cases, the proboscis is armed with hooks, derived either from the extracellular matrix that surrounds the muscles or from intracellular deposits in the epithelium covering the proboscis. Glands associated with(More)
The underlying purpose of this work is to produce fast and accurate 3D man-made textured models of a scene. Matching low scale oblique images with a 3D wireframe badly textured model obtained from low resolution imagery permits to accomplish this goal. This problem move to the study of delimitating the initial 3D model in each image, even when blunders are(More)
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