S Giovannetti

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  • Eur J Med, Res Supplement, C Dario, A Dunbar, F Feliciani, M Garcia-Barbero +14 others
  • 2004
INTRODUCTION The introduction of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the health scenario is instrumental for the development of sustainable services of direct benefit for the European citizen. The setting up of satellite based applications will enhance rapidly the decentralisation and the enrichment of the European territory driving it towards(More)
We report on the progress and status of the APEmille project: a SIMD parallel computer with a peak performance in the TeraFlops range which is now in an advanced development phase. We discuss the hardware and software architecture, and present some performance estimates for Lattice Gauge Theory (LGT) applications.
In instrumentation based on an analog-to-digital converter (ADC), the performance of data acquisition (DAQ) device has a direct impact on the performance index of the whole measurement system, so it has an important significance that research the uncertainty analysis of data acquisition board. This paper proposes an automatic measurement system based on DAQ(More)
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