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I wonder if I am alone in regretting the day when George Lakoff and Mark Johnson came out with their exciting and influential book Metaphors We Live By (1980). Since then, following the lead of their “cognitive semantics” for metaphor, a metaphor industry has burgeoned, Raymond Gibbs’s The Poetics of Mind being the latest in line. (Here I might mention the(More)
Dear Sir, We read with interest the International Hernia Collaboration’s (IHCs) article on abdominal wall nomenclature. This article reports a survey that was carried out using the IHCs Facebook group. Over 100 hernia experts completed the survey which aimed to define the terms used to describe the anatomical planes of the abdominal wall. The results show a(More)
Dear Sir, We read with interest Julie Holihan’s and Mike Liang’s reply [1] to our article on abdominal wall nomenclature [2]. Indeed, they highlight a couple of the difficulties involved in defining the planes of the abdominal wall and the fact that the colloquial terms ‘‘sublay’’ and ‘‘underlay’’ are open to subjective interpretation. Importantly, this(More)
Abdominal wall reconstruction is a rapidly evolving area of surgical interest. Due to the increase in prevalence and size of ventral hernias and the high recurrence rates, the academic community has become motivated to find the best reconstruction techniques. Whilst interrogating the abdominal wall reconstruction literature, we discovered an inconsistency(More)
The title compound, C(22)H(25)F(5)N(4)O(9), is a stable penta-fluoro-phenyl ester inter-mediate in the synthesis of novel homo-oligomeric structures containing branched carbon chains. The structure is epimeric to the previously characterized dimeric penta-fluoro-phenyl ester with stereochemistry (3R,4R,5R), which was synthesized using d-ribose as starting(More)
Contrary to what Raymond Gibbs (1998) suggests in his response to my review essay (Parker 1998) of his recent book The Poetics of Mind: Figurative Thought, Language, and Understanding (Gibbs 1994), a romantic approach to linguistic metaphor (my preferred approach in the particular case of poetic metaphors) is not necessarily committed to the(More)
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