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Antibodies specific for the insulin-regulatable glucose transporter (GLUT 4) were used to immunolocalize this protein in brown adipose tissue from basal- and insulin-treated rats. Cryosections of fixed tissue were incubated with antibodies, which were subsequently labeled with Protein A/gold and examined by EM. Antibodies against albumin and cathepsin D(More)
The insulin-regulated glucose transporter GLUT4 was immunolocalized in rat cardiac muscle under conditions of basal and stimulated glucose uptake, achieved by fasting and a combined exercise/insulin stimulus, respectively. In basal myocytes there was very little (less than 1%) GLUT4 in the different domains of the plasma membrane (sarcolemma, intercalated(More)
The distribution of circumsporozoite (CS) proteins of Plasmodium falciparum sporozoites was observed during the passage of mature sporozoites in the hemocoel of Anopheles stephensi and during their entrance and sojourn in the salivary gland cells (SGC). The CS protein was visualized using a monoclonal antibody (3SP2) and immunogold labeling on ultrathin(More)
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