S. Ghosh

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Real-time systems are those which must execute all tasks within their timing constraints. Due to the catastrophic consequences of missing deadlines of some real-time tasks, fault tolerance is an essential component of such systems. This thesis introduces techniques to enhance the fault tolerance capability of real-time systems by incorporating time(More)
The integration of system and SW functions for ef-ciency, performance and especially dependability is of interest from a research and system design perspective. In this paper, we propo s e a f r amework for directing the process of integration of SW functions, with the objective of designing and maintaining desired dependability attributes of the system(More)
For many driven-nonequilibrium systems, the probability distribution functions of magnitude and recurrence-time of large events follow a powerlaw indicating a strong temporal correlation. In this paper we argue why these probability distribution functions are ubiquitous in driven nonequilibrium systems, and we derive universal scaling laws connecting the(More)