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Implementation of digital controllers in embedded environment suffers from the inherent problems associated with analog-digital signals interfacing in hard real-time, therefore, the control algorithms are invariantly subjected to approximations. This paper presents a novel technique for implementation of an efficient FPGA based digital(More)
An adaptive backstepping sliding mode controller, which combines both the merits of adaptive backstepping control and sliding mode control, is proposed to address the control problem of the Furuta Pendulum in the presence of external disturbances. At first, the underactuated state model of the Furuta Pendulum has been divided into two separate subsystems.(More)
The integration of system and SW functions for ef-ciency, performance and especially dependability is of interest from a research and system design perspective. In this paper, we propo s e a f r amework for directing the process of integration of SW functions, with the objective of designing and maintaining desired dependability attributes of the system(More)
The performance of chemically synthesized lead sulfide ͑PbS͒ quantum dots ͑QDs͒ in planar, nontracking luminescent solar concentrators ͑LSCs͒ is evaluated using spectroscopic and photovoltaic techniques. Spatially resolved measurements are used to investigate and analyze the role of reduced self-absorption on the LSC efficiency. From comparative(More)
The amalgation of social science and multiagent research can be quite harmonious in the domain of multiagent based simulation providing active interdisciplinary advantages. The pivotal role of MABS is to enable agent modelling for a system reproduced to posses realistic behavior.The challenges present in this paper is to model the manually controlled(More)
SBD for ship hydrodynamics merges traditional fields of resistance and propulsion, seakeeping, and maneuvering, which with inclusion of environmental effects will revolutionize the design process and offers possibility for innovative out-of-the box concepts for future ships to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Development of SBD involves a new(More)