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An in vitro binding assay, using 125I-YLFQPQRFamide, a newly synthetized iodinated analog of FLFQPQRFamide, in which Phe1 (F) has been substituted by a Tyr (Y), was developed to demonstrate and characterize putative binding sites of this brain morphine modulating peptide. This radioligand bound in a time-dependent manner to rat spinal cord membrane(More)
Intracellular recordings were made from dissociated fetal mouse spinal cord neurones in primary culture. Micropressure application of FLFQPQRFamide (10(-5) M in the delivery pipette), an endogenous mammalian brain morphine modulating peptide, onto the surface of spinal cord neurones induced, in a dose dependent manner, a transitory hyperpolarization(More)
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