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A simple method for designing highly selective M-channel infinite-impulse response (IIR) cosine-modulated filter banks (CMFBs) is proposed. High selectivity is achieved by relaxing the perfect reconstruction condition. The proposed method is simple because the design is based on a two-channel lattice structure with first-order allpass filters. Introduction:(More)
Solid state amide hydrogen/deuterium exchange with mass spectrometric analysis (ssHDX-MS) was used to assess the conformation of myoglobin (Mb) in lyophilized formulations, and the results correlated with the extent of aggregation during storage. Mb was colyophilized with sucrose (1:1 or 1:8 w/w), mannitol (1:1 w/w), or NaCl (1:1 w/w) or in the absence of(More)
A physics-based model for the sublimation-transport-condensation processes occurring in pharmaceutical freeze-drying by coupling product attributes and equipment capabilities into a unified simulation framework is presented. The system-level model is used to determine the effect of operating conditions such as shelf temperature, chamber pressure, and the(More)
Recent advances in deep learning for object recognition in natural images has prompted a surge of interest in applying a similar set of techniques to medical images. Most of the initial attempts largely focused on replacing the input to such a deep convolutional neural network from a natural image to a medical image. This, however, does not take into(More)
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