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The SINAMICS GM150 IGBT, a new 3-level-neutral-point-clamped (3L-NPC) Voltage-Source- Converter (VSC) with series-connected 6.5 kV-IGBTs for industrial Medium Voltage Drives is presented. It covers the output voltage range from 6 kV up to 7.2 kV without the need for a step-up output transformer. The SINAMICS GM150 IGBT is based on the proven basic design of(More)
This paper presents the comparison of transient behaviour of 6.5 kV Si- and SiC-power diodes in 100 A-modules. The switching behaviour at a current level of 100 A is shown at DC link voltages up to 3.5 kV and at a junction temperature up to 125degC using 25 A-6.5 kV-Si-IGBTs as switching devices. Different switching conditions in chopper circuits realize(More)
In this work we discuss static measurements on bipolar 6.5 kV-SiC-diodes which were fabricated on 4H-SiC wafers preferentially cut 4deg off the (0001) basal plane in order to prove design rules developed for Si-devices. To suppress emitter recombination currents, the p-emitter thickness has to be increased. The switching behaviour of optimized 6.5 kV-diodes(More)
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