S. Gautam

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We present the results of analysis of UC Davis Campus Wireless Network traffic. We have analyzed the traffic data for month of November in four years, 2000-2003. The traffic data was used to provide answer to some of questions regarding user mobility, characteristics of session duration and popularity of the access points. This information could prove(More)
— The explosive increase in the number of mobile users in the present day scenario has made it increasingly tough from the provider's point of view to provide each of the users with a bandwidth high enough for high quality support of services such as multimedia, gaming etc. In this paper we propose Ad-hoc/GPRS Alternate Link (AGAL) protocol which aims at(More)
In recent years wireless LANs have been deployed in mass scale in University Campuses in US. In this project we aim to concentrate our efforts towards understanding the user mobility patterns and network usage of the UC Davis wireless network. We also plan to compare the findings of this study, with similar studies done at other University Campuses. Such an(More)
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