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Developing reliable methods for representing and managing information uncertainty remains a persistent and relevant challenge to GIScience. Information uncertainty is an intricate idea, and recent examinations of this concept have generated many perspectives on its representation and visualization, with perspectives emerging from a wide range of disciplines(More)
PURPOSE To quantify long-term changes in stromal collagen ultrastructure following penetrating keratoplasty (PK), and evaluate their possible implications for corneal biomechanics. METHODS A pair of 16 mm post-mortem corneo-scleral buttons was obtained from a patient receiving bilateral penetrating keratoplasty 12 (left)/28 (right) years previously.(More)
The Semantic Web offers new opportunities tointegrate desktop applications seamlessly with one another, butmost software applications currently still rely on proprietaryRDBMS systems for data storage, and application logic istypically expressed only through general-purposeprogramming languages without being formally defined.In this article we propose an(More)
A Chinese wind energy company designs several hundred wind farms each year. An important step in its design process is micrositing, in which it creates a layout of turbines for a wind farm. The amount of energy that a wind farm generates is affected by geographical factors (such as elevation of the farm), wind speed, and wind direction. The types of(More)
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