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This paper presents a new force-reflecting teleoperation control system scheme with varying time delay. Time delay is an unavoidable factor in teleoperation. Transmission time delays are possibly destabilizing, and reduce significantly ability of teleoperation. Considering the time-varying non-deterministic characteristic of the control and delays, a novel(More)
Most of the controllers for FACTS devices are based on the PI controller. Although the PI controllers are simple and easy to design, their performance deteriorates when the controlled object is highly nonlinear. This paper aims to propose an On-Line Self-Learning PID (OLSL-PID) controller design of SSSC for power system stability enhancement and to overcome(More)
This paper presents an adaptive self-tuning PID controller based on the Lyapunov method. To tune the gains of PID controller, a self-tuning algorithm derived by the Lyapunov method is employed. Hence, the control error converges to zero and the stability of the controlled system is guaranteed. To accommodate the controller, the wavelet neural network (WNN)(More)
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