S. Ganesh Kumar

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Recent data showed that there is no much reduction in diarrhoea related morbidity in developing countries. This is important in view of the Millennium Developmental Goal (MDG) to be achieved by 2015. This study reviewed and analyzed after gathering the recent literature information from Pubmed, internet and other sources. The authors discussed public health(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Self medication is an important concern for health authorities at global level. This study was aimed to find the prevalence of self medication for allopathic drugs and associated factors among households of urban community. This study was also aimed at assessing the attitude of respondents who had experienced self-medication. (More)
Antimicrobial resistance is an important concern for the public health authorities at global level. However, in developing countries like India, recent hospital and some community based data showed increase in burden of antimicrobial resistance. Research related to antimicrobial use, determinants and development of antimicrobial resistance, regional(More)
Disability is an important public health problem especially in developing countries like India. The problem will increase in future because of increase in trend of non-communicable diseases and change in age structure with an increase in life expectancy. The issues are different in developed and developing countries, and rehabilitation measures should be(More)
BACKGROUND Awareness of occupational hazards and its safety precautions among welders is an important health issue, especially in developing countries. OBJECTIVE To assess the awareness of occupational hazards and utilization of safety measures among welders in coastal South India. METHODS A cross-sectional study was conducted among 209 welders in(More)
BACKGROUND Occupational accidents are a major point of concern in industries. The academic community should take the first step to address the long-neglected concerns of occupational safety. OBJECTIVE To assess the prevalence and pattern of occupational accidents. MATERIALS AND METHODS A record-based, cross-sectional study was done in three tile(More)
BACKGROUND Injuries among welders are an important health issue in metal industries at global level. The study aimed to assess the prevalence and pattern of injuries and its possible associated risk factors among welders. MATERIALS AND METHODS A cross-sectional study was conducted among 209 welders in metal industries of Puducherry, coastal south India.(More)
BACKGROUND There is paucity of information on the relationship of quality of life (QOL) in obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and dysthymic disorder (DD) with disability grade in India. AIM To assess the relation of QOL with disability level in OCD and DD. MATERIALS AND METHODS This hospital based study was conducted in a medical institution in(More)
BACKGROUND The coverage of maternal care services among the tribal women in Kerala is better as compared to other states in India. AIM This study was done to identify the factors contributing to better coverage of maternal care services among the tribal women in Kerala and to study the reasons for remaining differences that exists in utilization of(More)
INTRODUCTION The incidence of Acute respiratory infections (ARI) is high among under-five children, especially in developing countries. However, the data on ARI from rural and urban areas in India are scarce. OBJECTIVE To estimate the prevalence of ARI and selected associated factors among under-five children. MATERIALS AND METHODS A community-based(More)