S. Gandhe

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In this paper we describe our spoken english-persian medical dialogue translation system. We describe the data collection effort and give an overview of the component technologies, including speech recognition, translation, dialogue management , and user interface design. The individual modules and system are designed for flexibility, and to be able to(More)
Chikungunya fever is reported in India after 32 years. Immunoglobulin M antibodies and virus isolation confirmed the cause. Phylogenic analysis based on partial sequences of NS4 and E1 genes showed that all earlier isolates (1963-1973) were Asian genotype, whereas the current and Yawat (2000) isolates were African genotype.
In this paper a Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) based technique for generating a heterogeneous network configuration comprising assignment of shouters and whisperers to available node positions is proposed. The generated network configuration is optimized to obtain desired network characteristics. The proposed technique is compared with contemporary(More)
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