S. Ganapathy

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The problem of approximating the surface spanning a given set of 3D points as a polyhedron of triangular faces (“triangulation”) is a significant one, and has many applications in the fields of computer graphics and computer vision. In this paper, several solutions to this problem are reviewed. These solutions can be grouped into two classes,(More)
This paper deals with techniques for improving the recognition rate of a cursive script word recognition system. Closed-loop preprocessing techniques have been designed and implemented to achieve this objective on a limited vocabulary but with no restrictions on handwriting style. This paper discusses the details of such a system and its performance on(More)
The discrete and continuous graph labeling problem are discussed. A basis for the continuous graph labeling problem is presented, in which an explicit connection between the discrete and continuous problems is made. The need for this basis is argued by noting conditions which must be satisfied before solutions can be pursued in a formal manner. Several(More)
Hemifacial hyperplasia is a rare congenital malformation characterized by noticeable unilateral excess development of hard and soft tissues of the face. Asymmetry in Congenital Hemifacial Hyperplasia (CHH) is usually evident at birth and accentuated at the age of puberty. The affected side grows exponentially as compared to the unaffected side. Multiple(More)
An important problem in computer vision, that of edge linking for contour or line drawing extraction, is approached from the point of view of a graph labeling problem. A Lagrange dual approach to an integer programming formulation of this problem will be presented. Although the inherent complexity of the problem will not be reduced, the techniques presented(More)
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