S G Zemlyanoi

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The first on-line laser spectroscopy of cooled fission fragments is reported. The r ions, produced in uranium fission, were extracted and separated using an ion guide isotope separator. The ions were cooled and bunched for collinear laser spectroscopy by a gas-filled linear Paul trap. New results for nuclear mean-square charge radii, dipole, and quadrupole(More)
We report on the first low-energy Coulomb excitation measurements with radioactive Ipi=6- beams of odd-odd nuclei 68,70Cu. The beams were produced at ISOLDE, CERN and were post-accelerated by REX-ISOLDE to 2.83 MeV/nucleon. Gamma rays were detected with the MINIBALL spectrometer. The 6- beam was used to study the multiplet of states (3-, 4-, 5-, 6-) arising(More)
Collinear laser spectroscopy experiments with the Sc transition 3d4s D2 → 3d4p F3 at λ = 363.1 nm were performed on the Sc isotopic chain using an ion guide isotope separator with a cooler–buncher. Nuclear magnetic dipole and electric quadrupole moments as well as isotope shifts were determined from the hyperfine structure for five ground states and two(More)
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