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Apple fruit are well known for their storage life, although a wide range of flesh softening occurs among cultivars. Loss of firmness is genetically coordinated by the action of several cell wall enzymes, including polygalacturonase (PG) which depolymerizes cell wall pectin. By the analysis of 'Fuji' (Fj) and 'Mondial Gala' (MG), two apple cultivars(More)
Salinity is an abiotic stress that limits both yield and the expansion of agricultural crops to new areas. In the last 20 years our basic understanding of the mechanisms underlying plant tolerance and adaptation to saline environments has greatly improved owing to active development of advanced tools in molecular, genomics, and bioinformatics analyses.(More)
BACKGROUND Fruit development, maturation and ripening consists of a complex series of biochemical and physiological changes that in climacteric fruits, including apple and tomato, are coordinated by the gaseous hormone ethylene. These changes lead to final fruit quality and understanding of the functional machinery underlying these processes is of both(More)
This paper describes a simple process of adhesive bonding between a glass lid and a SU-8 microfluidic device. The bonding is made by applying pressure, between 1.24 MPa – 3.72 MPa, and heat above the SU-8 glass transition temperature (Tg). The advantages of this process are low cost, simplicity and no need of extra adhesive material, which could block(More)
For the identification of particles in the momentum range 0.5–2:5 GeV=c, the ALICE experiment uses a Time Of Flight array consisting of Multigap Resistive Plate Chambers (MRPC) in the form of long strips. The design of the detector elements is as follows : double stack MRPCs with glass resistive plates and 5 gas gaps of 250 mm per stack. The latest results(More)
BACKGROUND Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) complicates the course of systemic sclerosis (SSc) and is associated with poor prognosis. The elevation of systolic pulmonary arterial pressure (sPAP) during exercise in patients with SSc with normal resting haemodynamics may anticipate the development of PAH. Exercise echocardiography (ExEcho) has been(More)
In pear, fruit ripening is not homogeneous, which leads to problems in harvest and storage management. To identify factors affecting the ripening homogeneity, structural, biochemical and molecular parameters were investigated. Fruits were sampled from trees trained with three different systems, spindle, V-shaped and bi-axis, and were further grouped on the(More)
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