S. G. Potkin

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Schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder characterized by functional dysconnectivity or abnormal integration between distant brain regions. Recent functional imaging studies have implicated large-scale thalamo-cortical connectivity as being disrupted in patients. However, observed connectivity differences in schizophrenia have been inconsistent between(More)
This paper summarizes the neuroimaging methods in the diagnostic assessment process that have been applied to neuropsychiatric studies. Here, we outline the signal processing challenges in structural and functional neuroimaging methods and discuss the specific difficulties in multisite data analysis for the diagnosis of neuropsychiatric disorders.(More)
fMRI is an advanced non-invasive technique used by neurologists to measure and study the brain region activations while performing a particular task. The objective of this paper is to observe the activation patterns in healthy controls and schizophrenics while performing working memory task. In order to study this the authors have used data from fBIRN and(More)
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