S. G. Ponnambalam

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Swarm robotics is a new approach to the coordination of multi-robot systems which consist of large numbers of relatively simple robots which takes its inspiration from social insects. The most remarkable characteristic of swarm robots are the ability to work cooperatively to achieve a common goal. In this paper, classification of existing researches,(More)
Multi-objective layout optimization methods for the conceptual design of robot cellular manufacturing systems are proposed in this paper. Robot cellular manufacturing systems utilize one or more flexible robots which can carry out a large number of operations, and can conduct flexible assemble processes. The layout design stage of such manufacturing systems(More)
Entropy, the complexity measures for time series, has found numerous successful applications in brain signal analysis such as detection of epileptic seizure and monitoring the depth of anesthesia. Renyi entropy generalizes the well-known Shannon entropy, and hence providing better flexibility in application to real data. The objective of this paper is to(More)
In multi-agent system (MAS) applications, teamwork among the agents is essential as the agents are required to collaborate and pool resources to execute the given tasks and complete the objectives successfully. A vital part of the collaboration is sharing of information and resources in order to optimize their efforts in achieving the given objectives.(More)