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This study presents the use and comparison of various bio-inspired algorithms for optimizing the response of a PID controller for a Brushless DC Motor in contrast to the conventional methods of tuning. For the optimization of the PID controllers Genetic Algorithm, Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm and Simulated Annealing have been used. PID controller(More)
An audio fingerprint is a fixed format representation of an audio signal, which provides a digital summary of the signal. This fingerprint can then be used to identify features of an audio signal by matching it with existing database. Thus, metadata can be obtained from a small clip of a parent audio file. The audio fingerprinting process is basically a(More)
Discrimination of common environmental background noise sources like train, airport, car, restaurant, street and exhibition mixed with speech signals are required in many applications. These signals are stochastic, non-stationary, non-Gaussian, non-linear and with non-uniform distribution of spectral contents throughout its time length. In this paper, the(More)
The main aim of the study focuses on the optimizing the response of the PID controllers used typically for temperature control loop in centrifugal machines in sugar industry using soft-computing. The centrifugal machines are used for the filtering sugar and molasses and the whole process is carried out at a certain fixed temperature. Any alterations from(More)
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